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Vous souhaitez être livré chez vous ? Deliveroo | Just Eat
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Réserver une table
Mardi - jeudi : 11 h 30 - 14 h 30 / 19 h 00 - 22 h 00
Vendredi - dimanche : 11 h 30 - 22 h 30
12 rue des Deux Portes
78000 Versailles
Près de la place du marché
et à 15 min à pied du château de Versailles
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12 rue des Deux Portes
78000 Versailles

Set Lunch

Salad, buckwheat french pancake, wheat pancake...
from tuesday to friday
9,90 € or 13,90 €

Menu of the day

Buckwheat french pancake of the day, wheat pancake of the day and drink
15,50 €

King Size Gourmand Menu

Buckwheat french pancake + wheat pancake + cold & hot drinks
24,90 €

Kids Menu

Buckwheat french pancake, wheat pancake and drink
up to 10 tears old
9,90 €

from Tuesday to Friday

Salad + Complete OR Complete + Dessert OR Salad + Dessert
9,90 €
Salad + Complete + Dessert
13,50 €


  • Green salad
  • Pressed cold ham salad
  • Chicken salad


  • White ham
  • Chicken
  • Mix vegetable suit to vegeterian customer
  • Goat cheese

sweet pancakes)

  • Butter and sugar
  • Caramel with a touch of salty with a sweet finishing in mouth
  • Lemon and honey
Buckwheat french pancake + Dessert + Drink : 15,50 €

Buckwheat french pancake

Buckwheat french pancake of the day


Wheat pancake of the day


Sweet or crude cider bowl
Buckwheat french pancake + Wheat pancake + Cold drink + Hot drink : 24,90 €

Buckwheat french pancake


minced beef cooked, soft cheese, tomatoes, onions cooked, egg, salad


cooked salmon on a bed of spinach and chopped tomatoes

La Mer

sea bream with « pistou » fresh basil crushed with chopped tomatoes, pine kernel, olive oil


king prawns, slender(mildly hot chilli pepper), olive oil, red pepper liquid puree, eggplant cooked slowly, chopped tomatoes, cured ham, parmesan

Wheat pancake


Banana, hot chocolate slender,whipped cream, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream flamed with rum

Fruits rouges

Red fruits, red wine jam with basil and coconut mousse

Crêpe Suzette

orange segment flamed with Grand Marnier



still or sparkling water or cider or draft beer or  glass of wine


coffee, tea
buckwheat pancake + wheat pancake + drink : 9,90 €

Buckwheat pancake

Choose your buckwheat pancake with 2 items
egg, soft cheese, cooked ham, mushrooms, potatoes

Wheat pancake

Jam or sweet chocolate Nutella or butter and sugar


Organic appel juice 25 cl